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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

War in Benin City, Edo State As Mobs and Police Clash.


was a devastating day for commuters, drivers and individuals living, at 3rd circular road, 2nd circular, 1st circular road, new benin, in Benin City Edo State and its environ as there was a massive mob at war in the area where people had to fled for their lives, shop owners closed shops and properties where destroyed and burnt down by the mobs.
This continued for hours this riot kept ongoing as government authorities and task forces fled for their lives as at the time of this happening and from the time of this happening until now, the police, armed forces or respective authorities were no where to be found as we could all witness such a disastrous moment without any police, military or government arm to put situations under control.

The popular Edo State Task Force truck which most people call white house/Black Maria, which was normally used to punish offenders, was burnt down and others properties not mentioned.

The road was closed down by these mobs who started the destruction, burning tyres on the road amongst others. We could witness people running for their lives and seeking safety.

According to some persons whom we questioned, we were told a police man killed someone very important in the community at Igun, by 3rd Junction and that led to these group of youths, burning properties belonging to the government and also fellow citizens who opened their shop despite the death of this person who was carelessly killed by the police.

On the other hand another group of individuals did say someone was killed by a truck and that the police caused it and that’s why the youths were angry destroying properties, blocking roads and burning tyres.

Meanwhile, another set of individuals did say that it was an action that is related to cultists activities which of course someone was gunned down and the whole senerio erupted a riot which led to this.

What ever caused this war, the police is definitely in the matter as cars where burnt, countless police Hilux were burnt down why the police fled for safety this war continued until the military joint force with the police to restore peace and order.

Below is a video and photos of this disastrous act…

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