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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Portrait of a multi-talented icon OGBUESHI J.N.ONYIA NINTY Five YEARS BIRTHDAY TWENTIETH APRIL 2021.


Portrait of a multi-talented icon



                     BIRTHDAY TWENTIETH APRIL 2021.



1.      Biography of Ogbueshi J.N Onyia.

2.      J.N Onyia as a disciplined Christian – an ardent Roman Catholic Believer.

3.      Making life more meaningful:  A masterpiece by J.N Onyia.

4.      From youth to peaceful retirement:  How to prepare for old age and live a retirement for everyone.

5.      The pathway for success,  greatness and self actualization view.

6.      Giving is living: a colossal view by Ogbueshi J.N Onyia.

7.      Ogbueshi J.N Onyia: An Embodiment of Sagacious Counsel on

Ø  Strategies for wealth creation, ways to attain personal financial freedom/ independence.

Ø  Productive /creative counsel for maximizing one’s opportunity tme management, debt reduction, savings, how to avoid infinitesimal/ iota embarrassing debts.

Ø  Talent not enough, how to develop and sustain same.

Ø  Wise counsel against volatile/ militant Acts on cult activities, drug abuse, kidnapping, human and drug trafficking, interest fraud

Ø  Marital counsel and Successful Home management

Ø  Safety   Awareness Counsel

Ø  Hits on exam Success and Examination

Ø  Character Building

Ø  Health Counsel

Ø  Counsel on Drinking of Enough Water

Ø  Counsel on Diabetes Management

Ø  Counsel on Driving

Ø  Cultural Advancement Counsel: Anchored on Anioma Nation

Ø  Looking into the future.


8.      Ogbueshi J.N. Onyia as a pragmatic/Charismatic leader

9.      A word for Nigerians: A nonagenarian speaks word of wisdom to this generation


10. His unseen vitalities for sound health/ longevity .


PREAMBLE:  This splendid, noble, aesthetic, Palan, mellifluous and colossal dossier is to highlight and showcase Ogbueshi J.N Onyia’s administrative and managerial process, tenancies, potentials and panacea as one time Senior and Top management Staff of United African Company Plc, Nigeria.

He is a success story in entrepreneurship, an astute business tycoon and an administrator of repute. He has garnered a proven trace records in administrative governance and business management at top managerial level in UAC.

Ezinna Ogbueshi J.N.Onyia  is a man of high level standard and embodiment of beauty and intelligence. From a meek-humble background , he has risen to become an outstanding grass root traditional custodian, a pragmatic/charismatic community leader, peace  ambassador, human right activist, social Crusader and a major Crusader of the gospel of Christ under the wings and platform of the Roman Catholic Church. The unique compendium in your hands unfolds his interesting biography.

This book also include his persona walk and works in the Roman Catholic Service.

It contains his noble master piece-making life more meaningful. As a nonagenarian he speaks sagaciously on how to prepare for old age and live in retirement successfully.

Besides, he reveals the profitable pathway to success, greatness and self actualization in life; because Life is a Series of experience, each one of them which makes us stronger even though sometimes it is hard to realize this”. –Henry Food

To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it” –Bunker Hunt.

“Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate you are sure to wake somebody” – Henry wadswothlongfellow.

  Always  bear in mind that your own resolution is more important than any other thing” – Abraham Lincoln.

“There are no secret to success , it is the result f preparation, hard work, diligence and learning from failure”. – Colin pinwell.

“ The secret of success in life is for a man t be ready for his opportunity when it comes” – Benjamin Disreal.

Ezinna Ogbueshi J.N. Onyia colossally and comprehensively understood giving as an integral part of living, thus he has a divine conception on this Man – God-Man  conception relationship.

Amongst others included on this book are his sagacious and prudent counsel for strategies for wealth creation, productive and creative counsel time management these are to sacrosanct in this era of economic doom and quagmire.

Others in the book are his unseen vitalities sound health /longevity, a charismatic/pragmatic leader and his prudent word to Nigeria – Character change. Though, a stardom. Ezinna Ogbueshi J.N Onyia is engulfed with Exemplary character, Enthusiastic, confident, highly organized, understanding, analytical and committed to excellence thus he has earned accolade with high level of ingenuity at euphoria and continuality with the unassailable spirit of eagle – go, too alert and vibrant, Ezinna Ogbueshi J.N. Onyia is indeed doing marvelously too well in health with his virtuous wife and distinguished children and engrossed with the spirit of  “I CAN”.

For and on behalf of

Ezinna Ogbueshi J.N. Onyia

By Joe Ugochukwu Etiaka














I have known Ogbueshi Jideuche Onyia for nearly all my life. We are both descendant of  Ojei the ancestral father of our village Idumuojei in Umuezei Quarters(EBO) of Asaba. We both grew up in our early years in Asaba though some years senior to me. We are both products of the then famous Government School Asaba now the site of the Ogbeogonogo Market Asaba and we were both tutored by his late father Obi J.I.G. Onyia who was the Headmaster of the school for some time before he went on transfer to some other Government Schools. Obi Onyia as Headmaster instilled in us the value of punctuality, honesty, and hard work.

                Ogbueshi Jideuche Onyia as I knew him as a young boy has not changed much over the years. He has always had a sense of direction and imbued with lots of common sense and the ambition to succeed. A man of sharp Intellect, a man of strong character whose  ‘YES’ is  ‘YES’ and whose ‘NO’ is ‘NO’. Because of his unwavering attitude, he could easily be misunderstood but you cannot accuse him of  being “ corrupt” .Which means if he stands behind you on any issue he does so on conviction.

                Jideuche’s life has been a life of immense experience in dealing with human being especially in the old UAC where he served for many years which produced high quality staff to man his business empire in Nigeria. This vast experience had lived with him till date and has helped to produce a strict disciplinarian but at the same time a firm believer in the need to fear the lord and appreciate his goodness.

At 94 Ogbueshi Jideuche Onyia has performed the Okpala Ogbe Idumuojei one of the villages in Umuezei quarters(Ebo) Asaba for three years and he has done so with a high sense of duty and responsibility and ever conscious of  “Keeping the time” not keeping African time!.

                At 94 Ogbueshi Jideuche Onyia still drives himself occasionally. This shows how physical and mentally strong he still is – though one will not encourage him to continue doing so as tis will be tempting faith too much!

On the whole the write- up ‘Portrait of a multi-talented Ogbueshi J.N. Onyia

Ninety five years

Birthday Twenty April 2021

Is a lesson in hard work, perseverance, consistency, personal discipline and respect for the human being and the need to live a good life.

I wish KANDUM Ogbueshi Jideuche Onyia many happy returns and good health so that he will live to continue to enjoy the fruits of his labor and continue to serve his people.





I owe my greatest gratitude to Almighty God, my Maker, my protector and my Teacher

I thank my children:

·         Mmabuobi (Late)

·         Oluchukwu

·         Menirunna

·         Dinuwa


For their continuous moral and financial support that has been keeping me fit at this my age.


May God Bless them.





















Dedicated to my children







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